Delecta Feature: K.S.Y.

K.S.Y., formally known as Sergey Kryuchkov, joined the Delecta family when he released his single “Pulsar” with us a few months ago. The Russian-born DJ, songwriter, and producer has always had a passion for music, which has been evident since he was just a teenager.

Kryuchkov was 13 years old when he pursed his passion for music. He established his own radio station and began inviting guests, taking phone calls from listeners, and playing music he enjoyed. His station became rather successful in his small hometown of Liski, located in Russia. He continued his passion for music at university, where he took courses in on DJing. After mixing in clubs and venues around Russia over the next few years, he started to grow in popularity and won several different DJ competitions throughout the country. In 2012, he took his career and knowledge to the next level and started producing and writing.

Shortly after beginning to write in 2012, he released his first original track after spending more than 10 years performing in clubs, on the radio, and recording DJ sets. His biggest inspiration for his music comes from traveling. He believes that “to discover new cities and countries means to discover new facets of creativity.”

Kryuchkov pulled inspiration from thousands of miles away at Ultra Music Festival in Miami for his Delecta Records track “Pulsar”. The high-intensity banger makes us all want to head back to Miami for the week-long festivities. We can’t wait to see where the budding musician has in store for us in the future, but for now, don’t miss out on the recent Delecta release “Pulsar” from K.S.Y. It’s bound to become part of your favorite summer playlist.