Delecta Feature: Conrad Sewell

The Australian singer/songwriter Conrad Sewell is a force to be reckoned with, and we’re so excited to have him join the Delecta Records family! Determined to start his music career, he ventured out into the pop world at 18 with a dream to write and record. Now, at age 29, he’s a powerhouse voice that has worked with the likes of Kygo on “Firestone”, Cedric Gervais, and Mike Stud. Not to mention… he’s had a few chart topping singles under his belt, including his number one track “Start Again”.

He had a passion for music and entertaining people at a young age and started singing and songwriting at just 8 years old. He gained much of his inspiration from his mother, who played plenty of Motown while he was a kid, and was also influenced by other classic artists, such as Michael Jackson, The Temptations, and Stevie Wonder. Sewell expressed that “the way they emoted and worked a stage I thought was pretty much as cool as it got”. As a performer, he turns to the likes of Ray Charles, Chris Martin, and David Bowie for inspiration, as well. He’s drawn to these artists because he aspires to be a performer like them, a performer that makes “an impact and sings/performs like they may never get the chance to do it again”.

Sewell expressed that he’s had a few musical lives already, starting with his teen pop star days, to wanting to be Julian Casablanca, to now. We can see more of Sewell’s raw emotion nowadays, as he’s developed his ability to express his feelings through his writing. He’s not “trying to please anyone anymore”, and wants to sing whatever comes out and feels natural.

As a fan of Cedric Gervais, it was an awesome experience for Sewell to work with someone who puts everything into his music. In his words, Gervais is the “real deal” and really appreciates and respects artists that take the kind of time Cedric did to perfect his craft, and the results were clear in their new single ‘Higher’, out now on Delecta Records.

Gervais and Sewell’s new track was released last week and was co-written by Sewell himself. He wanted to write a song about the “love affair between music and the journey to get there”. For Sewell, performing is why he’s so hardworking and dedicated, and is why he does all of this. It’s the best high he’s ever had, and he wanted to express that through this new track.

Let these two powerhouse musicians take you ‘Higher’ with their recent release. Listen here!